WK- 13- Classmate Conversation – Patrick Dong


This week I had the pleasure to meet with a fellow classmate, Patrick Dong.  He is a fourth year here at CSULB, and his going to major in Math. He plans to either work in a middle school math teacher, or work as a twelve grade math teacher.  He said if none of these plans work he wants to become a high school counselor. I greatly enjoy what he chose to do with his career because what ever route he chooses to take, it will greatly help the youth. He is twenty two years old and about to turn twenty three this year.  This is impressive because since he is about to graduate this year, that means he has been on track these four years. Something very interesting is that he was born and raised in Vietnam, you can easily tell because he does have a very noticeable accent. He recently moved to the United States, which was about ten to eleven years ago. Overall, Patrick was a very interesting person to meet, especially because is from a different country.  He inspires me because he is on track to graduating which makes me want to graduate even faster now.



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