Week 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


So this weeks art experience was a fun one, it was something different that I have never done before.  So we had to send a “care package” to a random classmate which means that we would also receive a care package.  So I received this care package mid day on Saturday.  At first I thought I wasn’t going to get the package on time but I guess my partner sent it in express mail or something.  Anyways this is what i received, at first glance it may look a little weird, but at the same time it’s so interesting.  This picture of a small kid, I can’t help but think this is from the sender when he was a little kid, but I have no idea who my sender is, so it will forever be a mystery which is what I think is so unique. The paddle board was pretty fun to use, though after a couple minutes I played to hard with it, and it ended up breaking. Overall, this was a unique art experience, and I would definitely do it again with my friends, I would maybe send a couple weird things. This is quite similar to snapchat because people post meaning less posts of their food, clothes, etc. which you can do here, but what makes snapchat most different is that you can send it to multiple people at the same time of the same object and here you cannot.  An ACP is does contain “love” because that person went out of there way to send something with meaning to a friend, they actually went out of their way to mail this to a person and not just upload it quickly to the internet, which is what is ruining America, they are making everything way to quick, which gives lots of things no meaning.



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