Wk11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

Since experiences cannot last forever, one key way to actually make them last a lifetime is through documentation, or in this case taking photo graphs. Taking pictures allows us to look back at the things we took from the past.  While having just experiences with no “documentation” will not last forever and can be easily forgotten, especially remembering the details. With this being said, the way one takes pictures can really say a thousand words.  For example, if one were to capture a moment when someone is looking angry, one who looks back at that moment can easily tell that it was an angry moment.  Or for example, is someone had a huge smile on their face it can easily be said that the person was happy, having a great time.  Taking pictures is one of the many way to show documentation of an event and to prove and remember that such event happened.  One way that is also very popular is, what our entire class and what I am doing right now, and that is blogging. Blogging can also use pictures and what can make it even more interesting is when people take photos and write about the photos explaining just what happened in those events.

In the event “Turning Pages” we traveled to both the school library and bookstore. Between both, there were huge differences in terms of the experience. For starters, going to the library felt more “real” than the bookstore. Since we were told not to document anything, the experience itself felt genuine and realistic. We were actually able to grasp children’s books without having to worry about documenting the event. As for the bookstore, the fact that we had to take pictures made the experience “staged”. Although it was more entertaining, the fact that we had to take pictures made the experience a little tedious and fake unlike the first setting.

My experience in this somewhat weird event was that, it allowed me to rethink how advancement in societies technology really played a great role in how our life is today.  When we visited the library and went to pick out books to sit and read, I noticed that the book shelf isles are totally empty, but if you go ahead and walk to where the seating areas are at you will most likely see students sitting there on their phones, or on their laptops doing work, studying, or maybe even reading an ebook. Which made me wonder, just how long until we get rid of physical books entirely and just switch to online books instead, it will save us resources in the long run.


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