Week 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


So this weeks art experience was a fun one, it was something different that I have never done before.  So we had to send a “care package” to a random classmate which means that we would also receive a care package.  So I received this care package mid day on Saturday.  At first I thought I wasn’t going to get the package on time but I guess my partner sent it in express mail or something.  Anyways this is what i received, at first glance it may look a little weird, but at the same time it’s so interesting.  This picture of a small kid, I can’t help but think this is from the sender when he was a little kid, but I have no idea who my sender is, so it will forever be a mystery which is what I think is so unique. The paddle board was pretty fun to use, though after a couple minutes I played to hard with it, and it ended up breaking. Overall, this was a unique art experience, and I would definitely do it again with my friends, I would maybe send a couple weird things. This is quite similar to snapchat because people post meaning less posts of their food, clothes, etc. which you can do here, but what makes snapchat most different is that you can send it to multiple people at the same time of the same object and here you cannot.  An ACP is does contain “love” because that person went out of there way to send something with meaning to a friend, they actually went out of their way to mail this to a person and not just upload it quickly to the internet, which is what is ruining America, they are making everything way to quick, which gives lots of things no meaning.



WK- 13- Classmate Conversation – Patrick Dong


This week I had the pleasure to meet with a fellow classmate, Patrick Dong.  He is a fourth year here at CSULB, and his going to major in Math. He plans to either work in a middle school math teacher, or work as a twelve grade math teacher.  He said if none of these plans work he wants to become a high school counselor. I greatly enjoy what he chose to do with his career because what ever route he chooses to take, it will greatly help the youth. He is twenty two years old and about to turn twenty three this year.  This is impressive because since he is about to graduate this year, that means he has been on track these four years. Something very interesting is that he was born and raised in Vietnam, you can easily tell because he does have a very noticeable accent. He recently moved to the United States, which was about ten to eleven years ago. Overall, Patrick was a very interesting person to meet, especially because is from a different country.  He inspires me because he is on track to graduating which makes me want to graduate even faster now.


Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: Untitled

Media: Mixed Media, Plaster, Clay, Cement

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: @nickbamf4d

For this week’s artist conversation, the class and I had the pleasure to see some of Nick Bamford’s art.  Nick Bamford is currently a senior here at CSULB, and is going to graduate majoring in Ceramics this semester. Nick Bamford was born and raised in Huntington Beach where he first discovered his passion for the arts.  When he was in high school, he took a ceramics art class and he immediatly fell in love with it, which is why he decided to choose this career.

His art exhibit includes three glowing structures that are presented in a black light setting. This exhibit is like nothing we have seen in these past weeks.  The blacklight and led light combination added an element of suspense and mystique which is what really made this exhibition stick out. There are many colors in multiple angles and multiple lights. The black light brought out some interesting exotic colors which were neon. His imagination shined through in each piece. Honestly, I did not know how did he get shopping cart to stay up in the air balanced with only strings and sticks.

Artist Nick Bamford explains that his sculpture pieces are actually not random. He was explaining how he picked his art, which was a reflection of his past experiences and the way he views himself. I believe that Bamford wanted to inspire his audience to look at our everyday lives at more than face value. To some, his work may just be a bunch of random things piled on top of one another and called art but Bamford is the person who spent the time thinking and putting together his vision. Towards the end of the interview he states that Art Is Life, and that Art is what he is.

I personally enjoyed viewing Nick’s artwork. At first when I went inside I thought it was going to be weird but when I got closer I thought it was very interesting. His artwork is very unique in such a way that I would never see an art piece like this ever again. His exhibition gave off a mood of excitement and awe. This experience has inspired me to continue to live outside of the box and embrace those qualities about myself.

Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Eli Yee


This week I had the pleasure to meet with Eli Yee.  At first I did not have a person to talk to since just about everyone already had a parter for this week’s classmate conversation, however just as I was about to give up, I saw Eli in the distance so I just had to talk to him you know.  Well it turns out he too was looking for a classmate to talk to.  It’s Eli’s second year here at CSULB, and he is 20 years old, and he will turn the big 21 next year. He is trying to major in art and he actually does paintings on his free time. He showed me a couple of his art pieces and one was a painting of a blue flower, and I actually liked it but when I asked him the price he said he was selling it for $100. He said he drives a nice 2007 BMW, its maroon but it recently has been in an accident.  He said he fixed it not to long ago but he did not pay for it because it was the other drivers fault. Overall, Eli was a nice person to meet, he has big dreams of becoming an artist and I personally think he will be a great artist because he does already have some great paintings.

Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: SUCCESSION
Media: Digital print, Print making
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: Does not have a website
Instagram: Does not have a website

For this week’s artist conversation, I had the pleasure to meet with Jennifer Chen.  Jennifer is currently attending CSULB completing her last semester to obtain her masters in Fine Arts with emphasis on printmaking. Although she is majoring in Fine Arts, Jennifer’s first interest was in biology.She uses a sort of masking technique that she utilizes after printing images which she has edited using photoshop. From looking at these photos from a distance you can almost say it looks as if she really painted it.

Jennifer’s art exhibition consists of eleven different yet somewhat similar artwork.  Some of her artwork have color which is mainly green since there are mainly trees in her artwork.  While some of her artwork consists of black and white.  I had asked her why some of her artwork is black and white and she had said that they showed more of microscopic images. Also, some of Jennifer’s artwork may look glossy and this is because she wanted to give it more of a 3 Dimensional look. She said that she prints these images on her Epson pinter, then adds the masking for stencils later.  She claims that she does not know much of photography, however her art work speaks otherwise in my opinion.

Jennifer said her artwork ideas of succession, she says that this is her inspiration for making these artworks.  Jennifer said that whether there is a fire, flood, earthquake, or  what ever disaster may occur that the world would end up repairing itself, that the world will always come back to the way it was before hand. Well not exactly the way it was before but healthy in a sense. Her large art pieces would take about a week to complete because they are done in four different sections. She would have to wait for the pieces to dry before starting a new section.

Overall, I really enjoyed viewing Jennifer’s art.  At first when I arrived I had said to myself “No way she painted all of that in that great detail.”, but obviously I went up close to find out that it was printed and she had just added a couple things to it.  It was something new for me to see. Her artwork in my opinion, is very unique, I had never seen artwork like this before and I did actually end up liking it.

Wk11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

Since experiences cannot last forever, one key way to actually make them last a lifetime is through documentation, or in this case taking photo graphs. Taking pictures allows us to look back at the things we took from the past.  While having just experiences with no “documentation” will not last forever and can be easily forgotten, especially remembering the details. With this being said, the way one takes pictures can really say a thousand words.  For example, if one were to capture a moment when someone is looking angry, one who looks back at that moment can easily tell that it was an angry moment.  Or for example, is someone had a huge smile on their face it can easily be said that the person was happy, having a great time.  Taking pictures is one of the many way to show documentation of an event and to prove and remember that such event happened.  One way that is also very popular is, what our entire class and what I am doing right now, and that is blogging. Blogging can also use pictures and what can make it even more interesting is when people take photos and write about the photos explaining just what happened in those events.

In the event “Turning Pages” we traveled to both the school library and bookstore. Between both, there were huge differences in terms of the experience. For starters, going to the library felt more “real” than the bookstore. Since we were told not to document anything, the experience itself felt genuine and realistic. We were actually able to grasp children’s books without having to worry about documenting the event. As for the bookstore, the fact that we had to take pictures made the experience “staged”. Although it was more entertaining, the fact that we had to take pictures made the experience a little tedious and fake unlike the first setting.

My experience in this somewhat weird event was that, it allowed me to rethink how advancement in societies technology really played a great role in how our life is today.  When we visited the library and went to pick out books to sit and read, I noticed that the book shelf isles are totally empty, but if you go ahead and walk to where the seating areas are at you will most likely see students sitting there on their phones, or on their laptops doing work, studying, or maybe even reading an ebook. Which made me wonder, just how long until we get rid of physical books entirely and just switch to online books instead, it will save us resources in the long run.