WK9-Classmate Conversations-Carlos Nava


This here is one of my closest friends, his name is Carlos Nava, I have known him for about 7 years now.  We first met when we were in high school sophomore year. He is currently trying to major in hospitality management, however he really wanted to be account but unfortunately he did not make it.  When he heard of hospitality management he decided to go that route.  One of his favorite pastimes is to go out and play soccer with his friends, from what I hear he is one of the best out there, and he truly believes he can become another Messi. He has big dreams that will one day come true if he sticks to his game plan.

Aside from his plans in the future he enjoys playing video games every now and then, one of his favorite games he is playing right now is Diablo 3, he at first did not want to try out this game but one of his best friends insisted on buying the game.


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