Jonathan Sniper is a well known defender of the Moonbase.  He has been with the force for about 15 years now and does not plan on retiring.  He has killed anything from monsters from the far far planets, to his own kind because they were rebelling. Jonathan was from a very poor family and was told he could not do anything with his life, so he sought to do different than that of what his parents told him which is why he became a marine.  Jonathan has hundreds of friends and is allied with the wealthiest and strongest people in the Moonbase.  Though Jonathan did not go to college he has extremely great people skills so he does not need school to acquire what he needs to survive.

  1. Aqua Marine 

AquaMarine is a very trusted friend of Jonathan Sniper, and has known her for many years. Some people can say they are the best of friends.

2. Evangeline

Evangeline is also a dear friend of Jonathan Sniper, as she has saved him from the worst enemies known to man.  She not only is a dear friend but can be trusted with your life.  If anyone needs a good friend Evangeline is the person to call.

3. Ghost

Ghost here is one of my best friends, we have conquered practically the whole universe with our own two hands.  There has been times when he thinks he is better than me but time after time I have to put him in is place, second place. Though sometimes I like to go ahead and let him kill more enemies than me, I do it out of the kindness of my heart. Though Ghost is a very dear friend of mine, if you’re his enemy, there will be some hefty consequences, meaning DEATH.


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