WK 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity


For this week’s art experience, we had to make a video in groups.  I chose to go my group video with Carlos Nava the day before it was due because we couldn’t agree on one video.  We took about ten different videos and we chose to go with this one. We did not think it was going to be this hard to make a video but on our first try all we could do was laugh and not stay focus.  After a few attempts we finally made a decent video that we hardly laughed.  In this video, we basically acted out an interview for a job a Google, and that is why Carlos is dressed that way.  Towards the end I noticed that this was not a professional person to work for, that’s when I  decided this job was not for me so I went ahead and just left. Overall, this was a great experience, and I enjoyed making this video with my friend and my girlfriend, who was the person taking the video, Estefania Garcia.


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