Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

This week’s class experience was something different than what we usually do.  Instead of the usual classmate conversation, and the artist conversation, this week we went around campus on a tour to see what our campus has to offer and the wonderful places hidden in CSULB.  Our first stop was next to 7th street, the wall that says “CSULB”.  In all honestly it was something I have never seen before and I’ve been there for three years.  Our group was just about to head on over across campus to see the Japanese garden, when our group leader decided to do something different than that of the other groups.  She decided to ask a bus driver if he was willing to take our entire group to the garden, and surprisingly he said yes.  Luckily our entire group barely fit inside the bus, and with the various stops we picked up a couple of people here and there.  We actually saw a couple other groups walking to the Japanese garden in the hot sun, while we were being lazy taking the bus.  What was a little funny was that when we made it to our stop everyone got off the bus except for two random people who were sitting in the front.
It was my first time going inside the Japanese garden and it looked beautiful.  The small lake in the center had humungous fish, and there was one ginormous all white fish that looked to be easily 35 pounds.  I overheard someone say that if you were a freshman and come feed that big fish it was a sign of good luck, but sadly I did not know of this two years ago so I did not have good luck.
After visiting the Japanese garden we decided to head over to the water fountain, there are many water fountains located in CSULB.  This water fountain is the one right next to Brotman Hall.  In my opinion i think this water fountain is one of the most popular ones just because just about everyone who parks in the parking structure walks by this fountain to head over to the center of campus. Our next stop was an art site, that everyone says is a whale. I cannot seem to see this whale that everyone is talking about, but I guess if someone were to explain this to me I think I would be able to see this whale.
Although we did not get to see everything we had planned that evening, it was extremely fun, and I would totally do this again if we could.



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