LA Art Book Fair Extra Credit

My friend and I, aka Carlos Nava, decided to go and see what this Art Book thing was all about. We spend about thirty minutes just finding a parking spot that was both close and cheap, because we all know that parking in Los Angeles is not free and almost always is more than five dollars for a good spot.  Anyways, we finally mad our way inside and saw about three people trying to sell us some guide for $3 dollars.  The place was pretty interesting, having various sections here and there.  There was one section that stood out to me and that was the place in the photo in the top right.  There was a lot of very different people there, and it was just a different experience for me.  I had no idea that art book fairs could be this different than that of a regular book fair.  There were some people who had books, and on the walls had some art and their own drawings for sale.  It was a great experience.


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