WK3- SnapChat- Francisco Miranda

These two snapchats are the ones that I took.  What I really love about the first picture is the colors, the dark colors give a really sad and gloomy feeling that just makes the art speak for itself.  I really do not even need to read the description to understand what the image is trying to say, and that is really what I love from this image.  In the second image, after the art gallery I was really hungry and went to eat some pizza, sadly half way through I wanted some more.

These two pictures are from some friends that added the day of the art gallery. In this first picture my friend Carlos was trying on some new kick he saw at the mall and he just had to test out the way it would look if he were to actually wear them in the grass. Although it’s not how it would look exactly its a pretty good idea. In this second picture, she took a Snap of trash cans, and had a great idea to make them look like penguins.  It is pretty funny just because everyone knows that there would never be penguins in southern California like ever.


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