Wk 2 – Art Experience – Francisco Miranda

I really had fun with this activity, although I did not do it at the beach I actually went to the beach to get the sand.  A friend and I tried to make it with the class on Thursday but we made it too late so we decided to steal the sand and do it at home. I actually have not done anything like this at all, I was a bit scared on how it will come out because I did not want it to come out ugly because I was going to end up doing it again. For some reason when the plaster was solidifying it became pretty warm and I never found out why.  When applying this to other activities in life I have no clue how to apply this other than something to do with friends when you want to have some fun at the beach and just so happen to have plaster.  I would do this again with friends and try to make something huge, but we would need quite a bit of money knowing that some pieces will break.  Overall, a great activity.


WK1-LandScape With A Corpse

In a nice and calm area, Paramount, I was just getting ready to start another day in school, when my nemesis came to attack.  I was putting my stuff away in my car, and here he came creeping on me from behind, all it took was one blow to the head and I was out cold.  He threw me in the trunk of my own car and is going to dump me in the ocean.  It goes to show that just about anything can happen in a quiet neighborhood.Picture1